Dexter Romweber "Piano" CD

Dexter Romweber "Piano" CD

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Dex Romweber - "Piano" CD

Former Flat Duo Jets leader Dexter Romweber has built a solid solo career out of the genre staples of his original band: blues, folk, rockabilly, and surf. While Romweber refined these raucous elements into a personal sound over his first two albums, PIANO is a complete about face.

Gone are the rollicking guitars, howling vocals, and pounding backbeat of CHASED BY MARTIANS and BLUES THAT DEFY MY SOUL. Instead, PIANO consists only of solo instrumentals (the album's title leaves little doubt as to the instrument of choice). Who knew this retro-rocker could play the 88's like Rachmaninoff? Alternating between elegant nocturnes and etudes and dramatic pieces full of grand classical flourishes, PIANO is as enjoyable as it is unexpected.- AllMusic

.This is a CD in a eco-wallet.

Track Listing: 

1. Turbulent
2. Nocturne in a Minor
3. Midnight Falling Through the Sky
4. Prelude in a Minor (For Erica Kozak)
5. Skull Seen Through Armor
6. While You Sleep
7. Chapel Hill Concerto Without Orchestra
8. Carrboro March
9. Trap Door
10. Evolutionary Etude
11. Russian Winter
12. To Think We Made It This Far
13. Reprise

also Includes Excerpt from the film "Two Headed Cow" as a bonus (Video-Rom).