Mercyland's No Feet On The Cowling [2023 Remixed & Remastered Edition] Webstore-Exclusive LP

Mercyland's No Feet On The Cowling [2023 Remixed & Remastered Edition] Webstore-Exclusive LP

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Mercyland's No Feet On The Cowling [2023 Remixed & Remastered Edition] Webstore-Exclusive LP

Athens, GA's legendary post-punk trio's sole 1989 "lost American underground classic" is now updated! 

Before he was in Sugar or became the Drive-By Truckers’ producer-of-choice throughout their career, David Barbe led the Athens, GA trio Mercyland, who made one minor classic with 1989’s No Feet On the Cowling. The legendary Athens, Ga post-punk band’s sole album originally released in 1989 has been fully Remixed & Remastered.

For this 2023 Reissue, Barbe went back to the master tapes and was able to remix the album to the robust sound that he intended it to be back in 1989. The "lost American Underground classic" album now sounds bigger and better than ever.  Finding a raw but tuneful midpoint between British post-punk and American rock & roll, the band never sacrifices melody for power (or vice versa), adding counterpoint vocals and lyrics that explore the human experience without falling into obvious clichés.

For fans of Sugar, Hüsker Dü, The Replacements, Meat Puppets, Mission of Burma & Dinosaur Jr.

This is a Webstore-exclusive Limited Edition Nightsky Vinyl (Blue with Black/Glitter).

Track Listing:

  1. Guessing Time Is Gone
  2. Big Wind From East Jesus
  3. Chains
  4. King Clover
  5. Ives St. Cockelbur
  6. Distant Line
  7. Fall of the City
  8. Proceed With Discretion
  9. Gets My Soul to Vigor
  10. Rotten on the Vine
  11. All Your Fools Fall Down
  12. White Cross

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